Yo tengo un Lazkoz  (I have a LAZKOZ) is a set of cups designed to bring my artistic work to everyday use. I have used bone china, a delicate material in line with the essence of my art, and an original design that will make each moment of coffee or tea an even more special delight, if possible.



The complete set is composed of 8 cups with 8 different images that interact through a variety of colors and themes:

1. Nancy doll, with rosy purple background (with license by Famosa)

2. Old metallic telephone, with greenish grey background

3. Latxa sheep, with green background

4. Pig (Felipa), with yellow background

5. Seat 600, with orange background

6. Citroën 2CV, with ultramarine blue background

7. The Chesil Rectory (Winchester), with a sky blue background

8. Building on 25th Street, NY, with greyish brown background

  Iñaki Lazkoz

Available in two sizes: Tea – Coffee Latte (20cl) and Espresso (15cl). The Tea – Coffee Latte pack contains 2 cups and the Espresso pack contains 4 cups. Make your own combination.

Dishwasher & Microwave PROOF


You can collect them all if you wish…

New series are coming soon.                                

Iñaki Lazkoz

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